old favorites!

I have a request....
Can we all post links or suggest our favorite "go to" recipes from the blog?? I sometimes look at the most recent and I don't know where to go back and find old favorites.

I'll start. I made THIS the other day for a BBQ with friends and it was a hit. I remember craving it in Grenada and Julie brought a huge bowl over to share :)
 Cowboy Cavier or as my mom calls it, Texas Cavier which also fits!
 SOooo Yummy. You'll love it! For an added kick, we add a few squirts of Italian salad dressing.

Another favorite is THIS fresh summer dessert. I know you'll all want to run and make this. It's delish!
Blueberry Peach Cobbler:

Pretty sure we made this a dozen times last summer.

Okay, so what are your favorite past recipes!?! Do share....