Easy to Find

Last post from me today - I promise! I just thought of a few ideas that would make recipes easier to find for future use.
- It's easier to see the title of the recipe if it's in bold type.
- And labels. At the bottom of each post there's a 'labels for this post' section where you can type key words. Just type all the words in your recipe' s title - eg for Sara's Turtle Cake I typed: chocolate, cake, caramel, turtle. Then when I click on one of these words it will pull up all recipes that have that word in the 'labels for this post' section. So they'll all be linked together. Also if anyone knows how to add a google search on the blog that would be great to have!

I was also thinking that it does link our names to the blog as contributors, but what if we also posted a picture of ourselves along the side? There's so many of us down here that like to practice photography we should be able to get fabulous looking portraits. Just an idea. Let me know!

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