New Ideas

This blog was an idea - and easy solution - to a problem we all have, what to make for dinner. So my friends and I have decided to make a communal blog of what we make for dinner. And when we get together and someone asks for a recipe they only have to type it out once and then it's forever stored on the blog where we can all use it again and again without the risk of it getting lost. Hope you enjoy!

And the first recipe is ...

Alton Brown's Leek & Potato Soup

3 Tbl butter
1 lbs leeks (about 3-4 leeks)
14 oz potatoes (about 3-4 potatoes)
1 qrt (4c) veggie broth
1c cream
1c buttermilk (substitute 1Tbl vinegar and 1c milk - let it sit for a few minutes)
1 tsp white pepper

- melt the butter in a soup pot on medium
- add leeks and a pinch of salt - hear sizzle then turn it down so you don't really hear anything to 'sweat' the leeks for 20-25 minutes
- add the peeled and chopped potatoes
- add beggie broth
- bring to boil then turn down to a low simmer for about 45 minutes
- puree the soup
- add your dairy

Note: Honestly, I wouldn't add that much dairy the next time I make it. I think I'll try it with just a cup of milk. That's a lot of fat and I don't think it makes that much of a difference.

So if you make this and you like it leave a comment so we all know! Or if you make variations to the recipe to make it better - again let us know so we too can enjoy!

Hopefully this will become a fabulous reference for us all - not only those in Grenada - but all of us around!


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Zane and Lexi said...

I will add that this was really yummy! Thanks for letting us bunk with you guys and feeding us every night while we settled in on the island!