Hey ladies! 
I was just thinking of some ways to better organize our recipes.  Perhaps we could all put our first name in the label at the end of the post.  I know lots of times I can remember who submitted it but can't find the recipe. 

Also, when you start putting up a label the computer will predict what you are typing and if you click on the popped up word or press enter, assuming that is what you are looking for, it will automatically fill it in for you.  This will cut down on categories  like "drink" and "drinks" and "potatoes" and "potatoes".  or "alton" and "brown".

Another idea we could put the entire recipe name in the label so if you know what you are looking for you can find it immediately

Just some thoughts, take them or leave them.

Thanks for sharing your recipes, they have all been wonderful.  We eat the majority of our meals from ideas I get from this site!  

keep them coming!

And Amanda, I would love your pudding recipe!

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Sara and Dustin said...

Thank you for your suggestions, Shauna. I was thinking almost the exact same thing. I may go back and re-label my previous recipes...in a week or two.