Menu Monday-Shauna

Monday: Grilled Chicken Salad w/garlic bread. (thanks Sara for the suggestion last week)
Tuesday: Honey Lime Enchiladas with Cilantro Rice and steamed veggies
Wednesday: Lettuce Wraps, steamed broccoli, grapes
Thursday: Chicken Noodle Soup with homemade wheat bread (we'll see)
Friday: Beef Stew with rolls
Saturday: Church Activity
Sunday: Autumn Harvest Roast (a fave at our house).

*just another plug for adding menus, it was very convenient last week not to search for my recipes all over the web because I had hyperlinked them here.


Sara and Dustin said...

I'm just seeing this now. Holy smokes, you really cook that much in a week!? You make great stuff. Can I eat at your house and let my kids eat the normal spaghetti over here? ha!

Shauna said...

We ate about 1/2 our meals this week. things come up and I get lazy. I would love to know simpler meals to make. That is why I am hoping this thing will catch on and more will share easy recipes.