Wheat Crunch

This is a snack I had all the time as a kid. We could buy it in all different flavors: ranch, salted, bbq, salt and vinegar. We recently got a whole bunch of wheat and I'm trying out different recipes with it. My kids and I loved snacking on this one in particular:

- Boil whole wheat grain (not cracked or ground) for about 45 minutes until soft. They are now called "wheat berries." I've heard you can use these as yogurt toppings or add it to ground beef to make it go farther.

- Take your wheat berries and toast them under the broiler in the oven until firm and crunchy. I did this on a cookie sheet. Season as desired.

I tried to just salt the toasted wheat but it wouldn't stick. So, I added butter then salt. It was so good! It tasted a lot like popcorn. Next, I want to try salt and vinegar. I'm sure you could easily add seasoning salt or ranch seasoning. Let me know what you try!

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