Da Big Kahuna's!

This is a favorite between Ren & I. Great for bar-b-cue's and any other time,...like feeding the missionary's! ha!

- 1 lb of hamburger
- Any type of ham, sliced thick & grilled
- Pineapple slices (in the can)
- Bar-b-cue sauce (we have been using "Kraft- Hickory Smoke" from IGA)
- Mayo
- Some good buns

Make the hamburger's into Patties and put them on the grill. Toast the buns and put a good amount of mayo on them. Next comes the Bar-b-cue sauce, then a slice and a half of the pineapple slices. Put on the hamburger and the ham and presto,....you got one big Kahuna!

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Sara and Dustin said...

THANK YOU!! They may sound a little weird, but they're delicious.