Tin Foil Dinners!

Ok, I lied. That was not my last one for today. These are fun to make anywhere. Not just while you are camping,...you can do them at a bar-b-cue or even in your own oven. You can add or subtract from these things if you don't like them. I am pretty sure these calculations are for one tin foil dinner.

- Tin foil
- 1 Potatoe (cut up)
- 1/3 lb of hamburger
- 1/2 onion (add however much you would like)
- Mushrooms (sliced)
- Baby carrots
- Salt and Pepper (lots of it)
- Butter cut into little cubes
- Suggestion: After it has cooked, we like to eat it with ketchup.

Get two pieces of tin foil and lay them in a "t" shape. Mix everything together and add it onto the tin foil. Put the butter on last, cut up into little pieces, then wrap the tin foil up. Bake @ 350 for 30-40 min. Enjoy your hearty meal!

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Sara and Dustin said...

Thank you for posting this, Casey! I think we'll try it this week.